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How to build executive presence

In my previous post I spoke about the importance of executive presence.  Executive presence can help decision makers trust that you'll be able to manage well in different situations.  It can influence your access to opportunity, and help you have confidence in yourself.  Today we'll go over how to build executive presence. While some people have a natural talent for…
November 30, 2022
Executive presenceBlogCareerLeadership

Executive presence is a vital skill

Have you ever wondered what makes a good leader?  Do you ask yourself how is it that some people seem to have an innate ability to inspire confidence in others?  If so, you may be unconsciously noticing other people’s executive presence. But, what is executive presence, and why is it said that executive presence is a vital skill? In short,…
November 15, 2022

Boost your career visibility

Having good visibility at work helps you get ahead in your career because you will be better known by others.  Making decision-makers aware of what you are capable of doing, makes you more likely to be recognized and promoted.  Attracting the attention of others by showcasing your skills makes you more likely to be considered for leadership opportunities. Read along…
September 28, 2022
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6 tips to ease into the back to school routine

Students are now officially back to school in Texas. This summer ran fast as we tried to have some fun, relaxation, and for many, travel after almost three years in a pandemic.   Working mothers will have mixed feelings about this particular time of the year.  For some, this may be a well awaited time due to getting back into a…
August 24, 2022
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Business travel tips

As more places continue to open and live events become more common, there will be more business travel as the year goes by.  After being on the road and flying for a while, I can share some tips to help make your business travel less of a hassle.  Book the first flight of the day Usually the first flight of…
July 20, 2022
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How much work can you really get done?

Professional women who attend my time management workshops repeatedly express the same concern.  They comment that there is not enough time to complete all the necessary tasks and cross out items in their to-do lists. No matter how much they try to move things around, they get overwhelmed and feel they are not being fully productive. Today I will share…
July 5, 2022
BlogBusinessCareerLife Balance

Make the best of working from home

Working from home sounds thrilling but it can be more challenging than it seems. We are all recently adjusting to working from home among family members who have their own work or school demands and many other possible distractions. Give yourself and your family a lot of room to adjust to the new dynamics.   Being flexible is necessary so please…
March 22, 2020

Becoming the expert in your field is easier than you think

Who's the first person people think of for your expertise?  If it is not you, find out how to become the answer to questions everyone is asking in your industry. I remember the time when I was consulted on a particular case.  After I accepted the task, I almost immediately started to feel doubt creeping up.  While I had performed…
October 10, 2017

Carry yourself with class: three steps to make a great impression

Are you concerned that your words don't match your intentions?  Could your body language be costing you valuable relationships? Read these tips to help yourself project your best image. I am not making reference to your external physical appearance.  I am referring to your inner self, your beliefs.  How do you see yourself?  Do you worry too much about what…
August 8, 2017
BlogLife Balance

Summer reading

Summer is here and this brings some well-deserved break. The kids are not in school and for most, the hectic routine slows down a bit. Thank goodness for vacation, right? We take time off and spend it with family and friends or even go on a trip. During the summer people are more willing to read books since they are…
June 20, 2017
BlogBusinessCareerLife Balance

The Second Half

June is here! Can you believe the first half of the year has passed?  You know what that means, right? A little over six months ago many of you made goals and resolutions for this year. You made the decision to write down a list of things you wanted to accomplish. Were your resolutions to lose weight, run a marathon,…
June 6, 2017

Social media platforms

As I am coaching clients, I frequently get asked about the different types of social media platforms and what is their use. People are often confused trying to understand them. I have to be honest, when I started developing my brand I was a little confused too, about which social media platform was optimal for my business and how to…
March 14, 2017

Networking errors

As the year goes by, networking events start to happen and people start to attend more. A couple of years ago I was attending a meeting where a marketing expert was guiding us on errors that people make during networking and how to avoid them. I want to share some I think can make the difference between a successful event…
February 28, 2017
BlogLife Balance

Do you do it all?

"How do you do it?"  I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. As a female Cardiologist, in solo private practice who is also a wife and mother, I happen to be asked this question a lot by other women in cardiology. Usually, these are younger women still in training who are either thinking about their future career…
February 21, 2017

The Importance of Networking

Over the past few months, I have upped my game on networking. I have joined a couple of professional women groups and have attended meetings. I have not only met new people, but have met women of different professional backgrounds. It has been an eye-opener how these women support one another and help each other move forward. They cheer on…
February 1, 2017
Women's Health

When Is The Best Time to Exercise

This post originally appeared on Certainly Her I get asked a lot if exercising during the week is better than exercising during the weekend. Everyone’s schedule is different. Some people exercise during the morning, others prefer to exercise at night. Others barely get any physical activity. According to the American Heart Association the recommendations for overall cardiovascular health are: “At…
December 28, 2016
Life Balance

Weight Loss Beyond New Years Resolution

This post originally appeared on Certainly Her Patients ask me all the time about the best way to lose weight. They are either requesting a diet or an exercise program that I think is best for them. While I try to educate them about eating less calories, reducing food portions and exercising, there is another aspect of weight loss that…
December 28, 2016
BlogLife Balance

Beat the Back to School Stress

We all know that stress is bad for your health. It raises your blood pressure, it can give you anxiety, headaches, and interfere with your performance at work. Today I want to help you deal with one of the major stressors for families: Back-to-School. Right when we were just too comfortable with the summer vacation we realize that it's almost…
August 1, 2016
Women's Health

Fourth of July Healthy Tips

It is already midsummer and the Fourth of July will be here in less than a couple of weeks.  This is a big Holiday that brings friends and families together.  People celebrate in their back yards and there are lots of food involved.  This date makes us think of barbecued meats, potato salad, cupcakes, and other delicious foods that let's…
July 4, 2016