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Hotel safety tips for women travelers

By July 26, 2023Blog, Business, Career
Hotel Safety

Women comprise almost half of business travelers and are the majority of travelers. In fact, several travel sites claim that 80-85% of solo travelers are women. When travling, women have different safety issues to consider.  In a previous blog post I shared with you some business travel tips to help make your travel easier. Today I am sharing tips to help keep you safe when you travel. Whether you’re traveling solo for a business trip or enjoying your vacation with your family, use these hotel safety tips for your benefit.

Secure your door from inside

Many people leave the door unlocked from inside when they are in their room.  This puts them at risk if anyone enters the room uninvited.  Use all the locking devices provided even if you think you’ll be in & out quickly.

Door stops may keep you safe

In some hotels someone can still open your door even if locked from inside. It is a good idea to bring door stops, especially if you are assigned a room with a connecting door.  A rubber door stop adds an extra layer of safety in case someone unlocks any door and opens it from outside. A better option is a door stop with alarm because it alerts everyone when the door is opened.

A portable door lock augments your door lock while avoiding it to be opened from outside.

Verify identity before opening the door

Make a habit of looking through the peephole before opening your door even if you’re waiting for someone. If a an employee intends to enter your room call the front desk. They can inform you if their staff should have access to your room and for what purpose.

Know that you don’t have to let in any person whose identity you don’t know. 

Trust your gut feeling

If you ever feel uncomfortable in any situation, don’t feel pressured to stay. Trust your gut feeling and leave right away.  You can make an excuse and take off.  As an added safety layer, let someone know what is happening and tell them your plans to leave to make sure you arrive safely.  Ask someone to escort you back to decrease the chance of being followed.

Be aware of your surroundings

When returning to your hotel late in the evening, stay in well-lit areas and use the main entrance.  Locate the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. If you see any suspicious activity, notify the hotel operator or a staff member.

What do you think of these hotel safety tips?  Leave a comment for others to see other ways they can protect themselves when traveling.


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