Becoming the expert in your field is easier than you think

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Who’s the first person people think of for your expertise?  If it is not you, find out how to become the answer to questions everyone is asking in your industry.

I remember the time when I was consulted on a particular case.  After I accepted the task, I almost immediately started to feel doubt creeping up.  While I had performed the required study hundreds of times, this was the first time I was going to help in a new procedure.  I prepared myself by studying the specific case and the required images. When the date of the procedure came I was so ready that I was able to offer a new point of view that was not thought of before.  The procedure was done successfully and suddenly I was considered an essential member of the team.

From an early age, many women are expected to underperform.  In some cases, they grow up being told that they don’t need to go to school, that their husband will take care of them, or they “don’t have to worry about (insert favorite situation)”.  These words have the impact of undermining one’s confidence.  They dis-empower you and pull you down.  These words are so powerful that when you experience a failure or someone tries to bully you at work, once again you are transported to that place you were made to feel worthless.

Anytime you feel less than or that you are not good enough I want you to shut down that voice and pull yourself out from that mental place.  Break the cycle and accept yourself.  You are supposed to do a job, make it happen!  If you are going through doubts and afraid of what people would say, repeat to yourself:  It’s not about you, it’s not about you, it’s not about you.

When people reject your work it is not about you as a person.  Even if you actually fail at a task, it doesn’t determine who you are.  Forget about what others may think and go for it!  Do your thing, take the challenge.

This is important because in order for you to build a strong foundation of beliefs, you have to truly believe in yourself.  Even if it’s a new job assigned to you, believe that you are perfectly capable of doing it.  Although you may feel unprepared, rest assured that you don’t need more degrees and certifications.  You already have what it takes.

Your goal should be to make others think there is no one better than you for the job.  You want to be the first and in many cases, the only person people think of when they are looking for someone who has your skills.  Be the “it” person.  Make them feel they cannot do the job without you.  For this, you have to be consistent and let others know they can count on you.

Remember, you have to believe you have what it takes and perform in a way that makes clients feel they can’t do the job without you. Maintain your presence by being approachable, being present, being accountable & respectful.

What else are you doing to be the expert in your field?  A lot of my clients struggle to convince themselves first. Ask me about a coaching session if you want to take yourself to the next level.

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