Too many distractions don’t let you concentrate to get work done?   Here’s what you can do to pick yourself up

By May 5, 2020Blog, Career

Does it happen to you that you plan beforehand to get so many tasks done, then the next day you can’t concentrate and nothing happens?

Or that you plan to check items off your list by a certain date, you prepare with all the excitement and when the date comes, well… you’re not in the slightest mood to work?  You’re not alone.   

This is something that I experience more times than I’d like to admit so here you are five tips to get yourself in the mood to get work done. 

  1. Play uplifting music.  Having a playlist of favorite songs that lift you up is an easy way to get you in the mood and help you start working. 
  1. Move in place.  Sometimes, getting the muscles pumping and the blood flowing is all you need to concentrate and get work done. A height-adjustable desk is helpful to at least change your position while working on your computer while it also helps to prevent staying seated for hours.
  1. Commit to do about 10 minutes of work. That’s usually what it takes to get me in the mood to get things done.  If  after 10 minutes you still feel ugh, you can stop and do something else.  
  1. Go to a different place.  For example, if you can’t get productive in your office, try to bring your work outside or go to a coffee shop. Sometimes all you need is a change in scenery.
  1. Call a friend to do office hours for 30-45 minutes.  This is one that I have done with great success many times.  I find that having someone online working quietly helps me get out of the rut.  It’s the accountability in knowing that the other person is there for you while they are still busy.  Important, make sure the other person’s time is respected and that you both don’t get distracted by small talk.  

In reality there are so many things you can do to get yourself in the mood to work but sometimes you just can’t put your mind to the task.  If you’ve tried it all and still can’t make things happen it may be that your brain needs a break.  In those cases, if possible, the best thing to do is to stop and come back at a later time when your mind is refreshed and ready to tackle any responsibilities. 

Did any of these help you? Leave a comment and share your favorite tips to pick yourself up.

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