The Importance of Networking

By February 1, 2017April 1st, 2019Business

Over the past few months, I have upped my game on networking. I have joined a couple of professional women groups and have attended meetings. I have not only met new people, but have met women of different professional backgrounds.

It has been an eye-opener how these women support one another and help each other move forward. They cheer on them, promote each other and their businesses and provide accountability. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it is very easy to fall back and lag behind on your goals. It is a lonely road that can lead to deviating from your initial plan if you are not focused.

When you have a support system and an accountability group you just make things happen. It has a lot to do with not letting others down. Also, your accountability group can offer tips on better ways of getting where you want to be since most likely there will be people who have already been in a similar situation and can offer their experience.

It is not unusual for people to be discouraged to network, not understanding the importance of it. Many times the return on investment is not appreciated. Let’s be realistic, it takes time and money to network. You may have to spend money on membership fees, travel, and so on however, if you understand the value of what you get in return it is worth it if done right.

If you think you are too busy or too important to network, think again. It can hurt your business or career goals if you don’t. Remember the say; out of sight, out of mind? Well, it’s true. You need to be seen. Even with people whom you’ve known for years, if they don’t see you, they will gradually forget you until they stop thinking about you. Eventually, you become a thing of the past. Why would they think of you and your business?

So long story short, if you want to grow your career or business you should consider networking regularly and meeting new people. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your circle of acquaintances. You’ll be surprised at the relationships you can establish just by getting yourself out there. Who knows?..maybe your next business partner is waiting to meet you.


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