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Social media platforms

By March 14, 2017April 1st, 2019Blog, Business, Career

As I am coaching clients, I frequently get asked about the different types of social media platforms and what is their use. People are often confused trying to understand them. I have to be honest, when I started developing my brand I was a little confused too, about which social media platform was optimal for my business and how to use them.

You see, each platform has a different way of presenting the information about your business and brand. Since it is too ambitious to be on every platform, you want to make sure that the purpose of the one you are using aligns with your message.

Here I am going to give you my interpretation of the ones I use and how they can help you present your brand and move forward in your business:

  • Facebook: Most of us know this one and most people use it, but are you using it strategically? Besides your website, this is the face of your business. While most people have a personal (profile) Facebook page, some business owners do not have a business “Like” page and put everything on their profile page. Although this may work, ideally you should have a separate page strictly for business. It may not be worth the risk of having your friend’s funny pictures and comments seen by your clients or business associates.
  • Instagram: Think of this one as your photo album. It brings the human experience to your brand, showing you as a person not only as a business. Instagram is ideal for those business owners who have a physical product, however, if you are in the service industry do not deny yourself the opportunity. Here, you can show behind-the-scenes photos and videos and still be seen as a business.
  • Twitter: This is more like up-to-the-minute news. At 140 characters, Twitter feeds are short and they also move fast. In order to have an impact on Twitter, you have to post several times per hour. While this requires more hands-on work, it is a good platform when you are attending events and you post as things occur. You can also post fragments of a larger message throughout the day.
  • LinkedIn: Remember the Rolodex? This is your digital version. Here you want to connect with other professionals. This is not the place to post your pet’s videos nor what you had for lunch. Here you want to keep our CV up-to-date and post about your blog and brand. You will be connected to other professionals who want to do business with you.

Regardless of what platforms you use, one thing is common to all of them: You need to be consistent in your message and post frequently to be effective for your business.  Contact me to help you use social media for your business.

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