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Dr. Carmen W. Landrau

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Empowering women to obtain better life balance by sharing techniques to help them understand how to best use their skills, receive the support they need, and manage their time efficiently.

Motivational Speaking Engagements Customized for Your Audience

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Landrau brings tremendous energy and passion to her role as a business leadership Keynote Speaker where she addresses executive women, medical students, and other professionals.

Dr Carmen Landrau M.D. Motivational Keynote Speaker, Cardiologist and Executive Business Coach
Dr Carmen Landrau M.D. Motivational Keynote Speaker, Cardiologist and Executive Business Coach

Empowering Female Professionals

As a motivating Keynote Speaker, she draws on years of experience in a male-dominated career to connect with her executive female audiences as she empowers them to take the next steps in their careers.

Dr. Landrau also helps industry leaders retain female professionals who contribute their ideas to the team and add diversity to the workforce. Corporate executives know that happy employees are more fully engaged, are more productive and drive bottom-line results.

Signature Keynotes



Empowering women to negotiate change at any stage of their career.

A Women’s Empowerment Keynote address that teaches women how to recognize their talents and voice their achievements in the workplace while living in the present moment.



Learn how to get support and decisiveness to reclaim your time.

In this presentation, women will learn to delegate and manage their time for improved productivity, performance, and quality of life. Ideal for women‘s groups, workshops, and retreats.



Don‘t wait to be perfect, dare!

This hands-on session will help women understand that they have what it takes to perform at their best when assuming new responsibilities without the expectation of being perfect at all times.

Custom Keynote Presentations

Dr. Landrau enjoys addressing audiences of all sizes, from large corporate conferences to smaller, more intimate workshop settings.

  • Corporate Leadership Conferences
  • National Women‘s Conferences
  • Business Women‘s Groups
  • Press Conferences
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • University and Medical Schools
  • National Association Conferences
  • CME/CE lectures for Healthcare Professionals
Dr Carmen Landrau M.D. Motivational Keynote Speaker, Cardiologist and Executive Business Coach
Dr Carmen Landrau M.D. Motivational Keynote Speaker, Cardiologist and Executive Business Coach

Dr. Landrau has been featured with some of today’s top industry leaders:

Frequently Asked Questions

To what size audiences does Dr. Landrau speak?

I love speaking to large audiences of hundreds and thousands of people. The more the better, but I am also happy to work with smaller groups such as in workshops.

Does Dr. Landrau customize her content?

Yes! Every presentation is unique.

Will Dr.Landrau be involved leading up to the event?

Of course! I am always happy to get on a conference call with the key decision makers. I want to understand your objectives to give the best to your audience.

Does Dr. Landrau have special requirements?

All I ask is for the basics: screens to project slides, a microphone, ideally a Lavalier, a stage with good lighting where your audience can see well!

Will you stay after to speak with people?

Of course! This is about the audience and I truly enjoy speaking with them if my travel schedule permits. I love to stay and connect as much as possible.

Does Dr. Landrau speak to non-business audiences?

Yes, I can customize my Keynote presentation for a non-business audience, including women’s groups.

Can we hire you for a heart disease talk?

Absolutely! Being a cardiologist I love educating the community about prevention of heart disease in women and in the adult population in general. Let’s talk!