Lessons I learned doing a webinar

Last week I did my first webinar, something I had never thought of doing before.   While it was lots of fun, it had a steep learning curve.  I am sharing with you here some things I learned in the process:


Start early:  I cannot stress this enough.  Doing a webinar requires a lot of detail, don’t underestimate it.  It goes beyond preparing slides and talking online.  Start weeks ahead detailing the steps that are necessary to make things happen smoothly and work on these details as you go along.  


Get help: I spent a great deal of time (hours and days!) dealing with technological stuff to make sure that I was able to create a presentation, share the screen, making sure all the people would be able to connect, see, hear and interact.  Also, making sure the invitations and links were working, etc.  It is a lot of work!  Get help.  At one point there was a link that was not working and I couldn’t figure out why.  I wasted a lot of time trying to do it myself, including one sleepless night worried that I would not be able to deliver as promised.  In the end, I decided to hire a freelancer.  This person just fixed the issue in less than 24 hours and I was able to concentrate on other things that required my attention.


Keep it simple and work with what you got:    Initially I tried creating the webinar in a new platform.  While it was a good platform, I had never used it before so not only I was creating a webinar from scratch, at the same time I was trying to learn the ropes of this platform.  Not a good idea!  In the end I decided that keeping it simple and going with what I knew was best and it turned out to be true.  I created the event on Eventbrite.  It takes off your hands the logistics of sending automated emails, although I could have done better at this.  I didn’t create sequences on Eventbrite until a few days before the event, so I was directly emailing everyone who registered.  Lesson learned!  Now I know better.  I have a Mac so I created the presentation on Keynote, used Zoom to transmit and the links for the sales funnel for the coaching program were hosted on ConvertKit.   I also asked my VA to be at the presentation to help behind the scenes and help with any issues that may occur.


Although this was a very rookie experience, I can say it was a great one.  Would I do it again? Yes, of course! However, next time I will be better prepared and block time in my schedule to dedicate only for this and get help earlier.

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Carmen Landrau

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Cardiologist, professional speaker and business coach. Expert in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cardiac wellness and therapeutic lifestyle changes to improve cardiovascular health.

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