The Importance of Networking

Over the past few months I have upped my game on networking. I have joined a couple of professional women groups and have attended meetings. I have not only met new people, but have met women of different professional backgrounds.

It has been an eye opener how these women support one another and help each other move forward. They cheer on them, promote each other and their businesses and provide accountability. As a business owner and entrepreneur it is very easy to fall back and lag behind on your goals. It is a lonely road that can lead to deviating from your initial plan if you are not focused.

When you have a support system and an accountability group you just make things happen. It has a lot to do with not letting others down. Also, your accountability group can offer tips on better ways of getting where you want to be since most likely there will be people who have already been in a similar situation and can offer their experience.

It is not unusual for people to be discouraged to network, not understanding the importance of it. Many times the return on investment is not appreciated. Let’s be realistic, it takes time and money to network. You may have to spend money on membership fees, travel, and so on however, if you understand the value of what you get in return it is worth it if done right.

If you think you are too busy or too important to network, think again. It can hurt your business or career goals if you don’t. Remember the say; out of sight, out of mind? Well, it’s true. You need to be seen. Even with people whom you’ve known for years, if they don’t see you, they will gradually forget you until they stop thinking about you. Eventually, you become a thing of the past. Why would they think of you and your business?

So long story short, if you want to grow your career or business you should consider networking regularly and meeting new people. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your circle of acquaintances. You’ll be surprised at the relationships you can establish just by getting yourself out there. Who knows?..maybe your next business partner is waiting to meet you.


When Is The Best Time to Exercise

When is the Best Time To Exercise

This post originally appeared on Certainly Her

I get asked a lot if exercising during the week is better than exercising during the weekend. Everyone’s schedule is different. Some people exercise during the morning, others prefer to exercise at night. Others barely get any physical activity.

According to the American Heart Association the recommendations for overall cardiovascular health are:

“At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per
week for a total of 150 minutes;

At least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a
total of 75 minutes; or a combination of moderate-and vigorous-intensity
aerobic activity,


Moderate-to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 days per week
for additional health benefits.”

For lowering blood pressure & cholesterol:
“An average 40 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity aerobic activity 3 or 4
times per week.”

Exercise helps improve blood pressure, pulse, and helps with weight management. Usually the bigger challenge is to stay motivated enough to avoid stopping, which leads to gaining back the weight and increase in blood pressure.
I encourage my patients to keep “appointments” in their calendars by separating daily blocks of time dedicated to exercise. In addition to blood pressure readings, I ask them to include exercise sessions in their logs and bring them to me in the follow up appointment. Not only I see their activity level, but it helps them realize how active they have been in a certain period of time. Honestly, not all of them follow through with the recommendations, but at least I am educating them. By being consistent, many times I have seen a change in their behavior leading to weight loss, improved cardiac function, lower blood pressure, and occasionally decrease in medication use.
In general, any exercise is better than no exercise and the best time is when you can actually commit to at least the minimum amount of exercise recommended.

What is your exercise schedule?


Weight Loss Beyond New Years Resolution

New Year's Resolution

This post originally appeared on Certainly Her

Patients ask me all the time about the best way to lose weight. They are either requesting a diet or an exercise program that I think is best for them. While I try to educate them about eating less calories, reducing food portions and exercising, there is another aspect of weight loss that they need to learn about.  As any other goal in life, a weight loss plan requires what I consider the three essential keys to be successful.

1. Determination. The first step to make any lifestyle change is to actually want to do it. When you have set your mind into making a change, you are actually able to take action and to continue for a longer time to actually see results. Writing your goals makes it easier for you to stay focused and get to your destination. I am not talking about the yearly resolution that people write on a napkin before the clock strikes midnight and forgotten three minute after kissing under the mistletoe. Your best option is to have a journal. Write your goal on the first page and continue entering information as you progress. Looking at the data in print will make you realize your progress and will also keep you accountable of your own actions. It will be a tremendous uplifter when you see the pounds coming off and for those days when you deviate from your plan.

2. Information. You wouldn’t take an exam unprepared, right. Well, the same goes for weight loss. Once you have decided on a goal you should learn as much about the process as you can. But…weight loss is just diet and exercise, right? Wrong! It is about a new attitude, about learning the process and ways that will help you as an individual to actually lose the weight and keep it off. You need to learn about how many calories are optimal for your height, weight, your age, level of activity and so on. In addition, you have to adjust your calorie intake as your weight changes. You also need to learn about what kind of calories you should intake to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. Are you eating more carbohydrates than protein? What about fat? Are you drinking enough water? Do you drink sugary beverages that add calories without realizing it? As you see, there are so many aspects of weight loss beyond eating and exercise that people need to be educated about. You can always find multiple sources of free information online and watch exercise videos. However, the best approach is to consult your physician before starting an exercise program and to consult a nutrition specialist to create an achievable calorie intake plan.

3. Support. This is an essential point that is at many times not practiced. People feel they have to hide their plans from others to avoid shame if they are not successful. However, as any other aspect of life, weight loss is not a straight path from A to B. Dealing with daily life you will encounter many bumps in the road and situations that will deviate you from your plans and interfere with obtaining your goals. Keeping your focus on the goal you are more likely to obtain results. It may take longer than expected but you are more likely to do it if you have someone holding you accountable. Not only that, we all need someone to cheer us up when we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel as it happens when you hit a plateau in your weight for a few weeks straight. Having someone that suggests a healthier alternative to that slice of cake or someone you can look up to who has made a change in their life are ways in which you can find support. Tell your plans to other people that you know will not put you down. Look for weight loss groups and search fitness and nutrition pages on social media. You will be surprised how many people who you don’t even know personally can support you when they are on the same path.

I hope this article helps you in your weight loss plans. Remember to take one day at a time. It is a marathon, not a sprint. You have a whole year to make this happen!


Beat the Back to School Stress

We all know that stress is bad for your health. It raises your blood pressure, it can give you anxiety, headaches, and interfere with your performance at work. Today I want to help you deal with one of the major stressors for families: Back-to-School. Right when we were just too comfortable with the summer vacation we realize that it’s almost time to go back to school. Already?! Pretty soon we will be back to early morning rush and homework evenings.

Because this is a stressful occasion people tend to procrastinate finding themselves later in crowded stores searching for last minute items. Here are a few ways I have developed to be more efficient and have more time left to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Order your school supplies in advance: I remember the year my twins started preschool. I was running like a headless chicken from store to store looking for last minute construction paper, glue sticks, nap mats and double of everything! That was on top of working full time in my clinic and seeing patients at the hospital…Ay, Ay, Ay!  When I discovered that there is a company that delivers school supplies directly to the school, I knew I would be ordering from them every year for as long as my children are in school. At the beginning of summer, I take advantage of the dates when they offer free shipping and delivery to the school. It is a major stress reliever to know that with the click of a button your child will have all the supplies on the first day of school. If like me, you live in an area where there are services that deliver your school supplies you are done! If you have not yet done this, find out if there is such a service in your area or order materials online to be shipped in advance.

Get your children’s medical forms ready: Every year I take my kids to their pediatrician for a well-child checkup. That, and the winter flu shots are mandatory in our home.  Being a physician, I know that close to the beginning of the new semester, parents will crowd doctor’s offices in order to fill school forms or get their kids vaccinated before school starts. One sure way of getting this done with less stress is to do it at the end of the school year. Before you go on vacation ask your school for the necessary forms and requirements. Make an appointment with the pediatrician and inform the staff that you need the forms signed by the doctor. Try to fill as much information before you give them to the office staff. It is an easier way to have all forms filled on your appointment day and your physician and staff will appreciate the heads up. You will be relieved when you don’t have a longer wait because the clinic schedule is overbooked. Your doctor and staff will also appreciate that you were diligent and brought the forms one or two months before everyone else.

Tackle the paper monster: We all know that kids bring a lot of paper from school, especially in the early elementary years. When you have more than one child, the mess grows exponentially. You need a strategy to deal with the paper monster, as I call it, in order to maintain your house (and life!) organized. I learned very early that every important piece of paper needs a dedicated place or it will be lost right before you leave for school in the morning.

As soon as your children get home and start taking stuff out from their backpacks, decide what needs to be signed and returned, what will be kept at home and what will be tossed. First, get anything that needs to be signed and returned to school. Sign it and put back in their school bag.

Art projects and crafts sent home are tricky because you obviously don’t want to hurt your child’s feelings however, how much macaroni art can a house hold? Involve your children in the decision of how long it will stay displayed and in the tossing process, if possible (I have to admit I have tossed more than they know, otherwise we would have to find a home only for paper).

Have a color-coded system to file their paperwork and quarterly awards. An accordion file for each child keeps everything in its place.  Scan anything you want to keep and make a file for each child by grade, school year and month. The original can be discarded afterwards. Trust me, the paper pile will grow faster than you think. If you keep things organized you will have more peace of mind, less morning stress and running around. At the end of the year you should be able to purge what is left and decide what to keep.

Having a system before the kids start school makes it easier to beat some stress in your life and helps you enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Let me know what you think about these tips and please share your own ways to stay organized.  See you next time!

Dr. Landrau is a Cardiologist, women’s health advocate, professional speaker, medical blogger and media expert.  She inspires professional women to advance in their careers by teaching them to recognize their talents and voice their achievements. She helps women understand how to best use their skills and to manage their time efficiently. Her talks on empowering women help them regain confidence and to take the necessary steps to become leaders.
Dr. Landrau is available for speaking to corporations, groups and conferences.


Fourth of July Healthy Tips

It is already midsummer and the Fourth of July will be here in less than a couple of weeks.  This is a big Holiday that brings friends and families together.  People celebrate in their back yards and there are lots of food involved.  This date makes us think of barbecued meats, potato salad, cupcakes, and other delicious foods that let’s be honest, are usually loaded with saturated fats, processed carbohydrates and lots of calories.  If only we could get rid of the extra weight as the fireworks vanish, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, right?

What if I tell you that you can still enjoy the party without worrying much about gaining weight?  If you have a plan, you can enjoy your holiday party.  Today I’m going to give you a few points to help you avoid gaining weight during the long weekend.

1.  Be consistent with exercise– Continue your exercise routine despite the lazy days of summer and try to exercise on the day of your party.  When you exercise you tend to eat healthier and to be mindful about your portions.  No one wants to throw away all that hard work, right?

2.  Cut back on calories before the party– Try to eat sensibly the week of the event.  Once you create a habit it is easier to continue it even when you have a table full of goodies in front of you.

3.  Have a sensible meal before the party–  Don’t go to the party on an empty stomach. Eating a healthy snack beforehand prevents you from being too hungry.  This prevents the urge to overindulge because you are starving and you won’t be the rude guest who didn’t eat because of lack of healthy options.  That’s a win-win situation!

4.  Bring a healthy dish from which you can eat during the party-  Shower you host with a token of your appreciation that serves the purpose of helping you stay on track with your goals.  You may not know it, but other guests may also appreciate it.

5.  Drink plenty of water– Sometimes we tend to overeat when we are thirsty.  Especially in the summer, when the thermometer rises we are at risk of doing this.  Drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated will help curb your appetite.

I hope these tips help keep your goals but if you end up overeating or having an extra slice of pie don’t fret.  The most important thing is to enjoy the time spent with your friends and loved ones.   You can always get back on track the next day.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!